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welcome to the home of Oronegro, a land that not so long ago was a peaceful and prosperous place but by the mid 2020's it was engulfed in a violent civil war! The whole world watched doing their bit in the conflict. the story is one of a small country stuck in superpower politics

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Russian tanks - Rebel Factories

"If it should fall into the wrong hands..." a cliché! but one we are all familiar with. used when there is a piece of technology, an idea, or an object that is so important that if the wrong people should be able to get it... well cancel all your plans! your going to need new ones!
a T-90O changed everything! now the Soviet Union had a tank just as capable as those of Western powers
But that is exactly what Happened. Oronegro's civil war had some unseen effects on the rest of the world. Before the War Russia/The Soviet Union did not have tanks of the same quality as the West. They lacked the technology and the knowledge behind it. But the rebels had taken over the factories where some of these western tanks were made, they had the plans, the materials and even worse they all knew themselves how to put it all together.
the old Soviet tanks were numerous but not effective

So when the Soviet Union's armies aided the Rebel cause Russian tanks went to these factories to get repaired. at first the rebels just patched the holes and sent them on their way but then one group decided that repairs were not good enough! When the Russians sent in one of their tanks (exact date unknown) in 2023 for repairs they were concerned when they did not get it back within a few weeks. But then suddenly 3 months later a tank was apparently ready to pick up. Curious the Russians went en-mass, the whole thing turned from a normal pick up into a ceremony! out of the factory doors to the astonishment of the Russians who were there rolled a blue, quiet T-90 Tank. It may have been a let down if another tank from across the square had not shot the blue beast. The blast was huge! many of the Russians ducked for cover. but as the dust and smoke cleared the Blue tank carried on rolling, its armour dented but not broken, the other tanks crew promptly got out, asked the Russians to stand well back and Boom! the Blue tank made the other disappear! this was caught on camera by a drone but at first it appeared to be nothing. Only later was its significance known.
a game changer! but one that came from an unlikely source
The tank was soon just one of many! blue T-90's and other Russian AFV's were rolling off the production line! their armour was strong, their guns accurate, they were a match for the western tanks that had seemed so superior just months before! the Oronegrean government panicked! then the Pentagon! Until all of the western world was in fear! Russia must not be able to produce these! the USA committed some its best special forces, teams of US Navy Seals to destroy the factory, assassinate anyone who held knowledge on how to produce these tanks and recover any plans of these tanks they could, the rest they would destroy!
the best of the best! but could they stop the Factories now?
Seal Teams were joined by Oronegro's own Black Angels they were about to carry out their mission when some news reached them that made them change all their plans. it had fallen into the wrong hands!!! Spetnaz operators had sneaked out plans as well as some vehicles on an advanced Oronegrean submarine, which they had captured. How they had done this unnoticed was a shock, how they got hold of one of Oronegro's best warships was another! How did they get the vehicles in? how did they not get detected?
they had got away! How? unknown. Why? scarily obvious

But it was irrelevant now! The mission was a failure, even before it was started. But Now Russia was ready, tanks of her own equal to that of her foes! Now all Russia needed to do was what Russia did best... make hundreds of them!
the war machines that changed it all