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welcome to the home of Oronegro, a land that not so long ago was a peaceful and prosperous place but by the mid 2020's it was engulfed in a violent civil war! The whole world watched doing their bit in the conflict. the story is one of a small country stuck in superpower politics

Monday, November 4, 2013

Oronegro her territories and the colony of Ororussia (Kievalsk)

well after who knows how long this place is getting an update. one that is well overdue! I won't say to much but until now actual work on developing the story of Oronegro's territories has been slight to non-existant... in short I need to work on the stories. this will be done at a later date, perhaps (as most of the territories were aquired during the 18th century their stories will be developed though wargaming... anyway this post will have a little bit of history and an outline on the atual structure of the territory, their status and some 20th and 21st century facts... i.e their involment in the civil war.
anyway time to get into character and write the story.

 Below is a map of Oronegro in the 21st century, her adjoining territories and the neighbouring states.
(click for bigger picture) Oronegro is only part of a greater state made of of mostly autonimous states.
 "Oronegro is more powerful than can be considered comfortable" was what one British MP said in 1815 at which time Oronegro was at the height of her power. She threatened to become a serious empire and could have become a super power if things had remained stable internally. At this time Britain looked on crippled by Napoleon her forces were no match for Oronegro should the state wish to make any serious land grabs. Spain was no longer relevant and as her colonies began to throw off their shackles Oronegro which had as mayor a man who could claim to be descended from the old Spanish king! a possible heir.
as the rest of South America rebeled Oronegro did nothing. the Governments worst descicion.

As it was the Oronegreans did not go and seize control of Spain or as it was so feared try to force their way into the games of the big empires. Oronegro decided for some reason to remain loyal to the Spanish monarch, which would cause them great distress later on as the people of Oronegro began to demand freedom like their South American cousins were. A civil war errupted between the loyalists, those who were loyal to spain and the sepratists those who wanted independance. The civil war has been called the strangest war in history. Firstly as any historian of Oronegrean history knows the control of the great imperial powers on Oronegro was limited at its greatest extent. Secondly although the fighting was fierce and involved thousonds of people the Army, navy, Marines and other military forces of the state refused to get involved! There were some who, against orders left and got involved but the majority of the armed forces remained neutral, waiting, making sure the nation would not fall into splinter groups for other powers to gobble up. The war raged until 1821 when the loyalists finally gained the upper hand. The nation was crippled and only hung onto her territory thanks to the restraint of the military commanders who had lost both friends and family in a pointless civil war.
The Oronegrean civil war was not fought between powerful generals but radical civilian groups and dangerous militias.

However in the 1860's Spain called upon her remaining territories to force her control upon Oronegro. Spain was still very powerful many of her colonies, like Oronegro herself were shielded from the rebellions erupting around them by the portals which were the only access to them. the imagi-nations (the modern term for them) Spain controlled immediately responded all eager to help crush the most notorious and dangerous colony around. Oronegro weakened and worried called to Britain for support, Britian turned them down on the grounds that her own colonies were causing her enough trouble.
The was was short and saw Oronegro seriously battered. However, not even the most powerful of the forces sent against either Oronegro or her colonies were enough to over power her still excellent armed forces. Oronegro gained independence from Spain and all the other "traditional homelands" of the Oronegrean people. But the territories of Oronegro were angry and some wanted independance, the leadership of Oronegro then made a fateful descicion... independence through dependence. The Territories would govern themselves, raise their own armies, set tax and internal policy but every year a council would be held in La Ley to set the policy of the various states and territories. This union meant that if Oronegro went to war the territories went too, if the territories were invaded Oronegro and the rest would go to their aid. It was a union that meant later on the territories and Oronegro would be so close that they'd be considered a single nation once more.
This was true for the territories of Oronegro but there was a colony Kievalsk, Ororussia that stood out.

When this land was accidentially 'discovered' by 'the dumb merchant' in the 17th century it was considered a mistake... how can one said across the Atlantic and hit Eastern Europe without passing through the straits of Gibralter? well one captain did! Sailing from the desert city of Granada in Oronegro's most southern territorial claim he sailed north east expecting to pass through the portal and to reach europe in record time (instead of taking the long route up the coast then eastwards)

Ororussia also known as Kievalsk was discorvered accidentally but colonised and conquered with vigor!
Well he missed the portal (somehow, its still debated how he could have managed it as if he had gone directly NE or NNE as was the most sensible route he should have passed through it) and came to Kievalsk. it's position is hard to explain as maps of the neo atlantic confusing as the many parrallel worlds and portals mean that a land mass considered part of the map may actually be part of a different parrallel world. Anyway after managing to get into the Verosk sea the captain landed at a small fishing village, later renamed El Descubrimiento. The Colony of Ororussia was to become an important part of Oronegrean history, it's violent conquest in the later 18th century and the struggle to retain it in the 19th would give the land a reputation. Naturally more shall be discussed in the artical on Kievask/Ororussia but when other territories of Oronegro were given independence through dependance Ororussia was given more colonial guards and a tighter grip established on it.... oh and a puppet government to keep everyone happy.
Oronegrean soldiers acting as firefighters in Ororussia
during the 20th century Communism spread down from Russia into the colony Oronegro had lightened her hand on the colony but would not allow it to fall to the Soviet Union, a fierce and secret war took place which started in 1918 but ended in 1936 when the Soviet Union threatened a full scale invation if Oronegro did not co-operate... this co-operation was the start of a long slippery slide towards the situation that Oronegro would find herself in when the superpowers fought for supremacy during the third world war of the 2020's. Ororussia would be crutial in the Oronegrean war effort to prevent the Russians from gaining the upperhand back in the homeland. Special forces sneaking out of the Colony would disrupt Soviet acivity not only in their lands beyond the great Siberian and Ural Portals but also in the "real world". This all ended and Ororussia asked for peace and aid when a new, unkown and deadly enemy sprang up in her own territory one which threatened not only Ororussia and Oronegro but Russia and the other superpowers as well!
it was to start in a small base on the mountainous island of Nadeyask
well thats the end of that then... it took me a while to write. Getting that final picture was a nightmare, it is ridiculously hard to get a good image of a mountain base... so a huge thanks to David for his model there... not the best post on the sight but its a start... and finally perhaps the boarders of Oronegro have been defined.


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