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welcome to the home of Oronegro, a land that not so long ago was a peaceful and prosperous place but by the mid 2020's it was engulfed in a violent civil war! The whole world watched doing their bit in the conflict. the story is one of a small country stuck in superpower politics

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bunker Teck de-classified information

The Bunker in the heart of La Ley shall always be remembered for it's former occupants. NAZI scientists, dubious characters and greedy, power hungry individuals! These people commuted great atrocities, created horrific viruses, undertook unthinkable and immoral experiments on innocent people and made, sold and later used highly advanced weapons utilizing strange, rare and once thought simply fictitious compounds.

The Stuff of Science Fiction

Witnesses to the attacks by Bunker troops from the bunker agree that the technological superiority of their weaponry was absolute and that such technology only existed in "our times" in works of fiction! True these forces were repelled to the most part by troops armed with standard weapons however their use of what has popularly been called "Laser Rifles", force/energy shields, hover vehicles and "Star Fighters" meant that early on these forces were seen as not only unbeatable but also as invincible and unstoppable!

As would later become clear the Bunker was not alone in this fight. Allies came to it's aid from far and wide, and by far and wide beyond the earth and the solar system in some cases. The total number, of what came to be considered hyper-advanced forces (HAF), in Oronegro was never fully determined. Many, perhaps most left once the Oronegrean defence forces started to find ways to overcome the technological advantage and began to seize the initiative.

The fight back

At first the gains were made by Los Angeles Negros. Who were not afraid of taking on advanced forces and by taking the weapons of their fallen foes gained party in terms of small arms. Their superior training meant that with or without these weapons their speed, cunning and shear determination meant that the weapons and armour of their foes were only a hindrance.
Los Angeles Negros- the black angels
Later other forces began to put pressure of these advanced forces. The Soldiers for Earth's Defence - Los Soldados por la Protección del Mundo (SPM), a unit more secretive and almost and well trained as the Black Angels, inflicted catastrophic defeats on the HAF. This unit of the Oronegrean armed forces- Las Fuerzas Armadas de la Republica de Oronegro (FARO)- had been created during the cold war as part of a global initiative to provide the Earth with defence forces in case of alien invasion. (There was a fear that the detonation of the first nuclear bomb would attract unwanted inter-stellar attention). The SPM were well armed and armoured their weapons coming from the bunker itself.

Eventually standard forces gained the upper hand as the shock of the enemy wore off and news that they could be taken down spread.


At the end of the war the bunker and it's forces lay in ruins. The lead scientists were tried for war crimes and were sentenced to 200 year sentences (many being immortal or claiming to be). The Earth was again divided and much lay in ruins but after such fierce fighting people came together and started to rebuild. And although walls divided East and West once more it was both sides that put them up crying as they said goodbye to those on the other side.

What will come in the near future is unknown. With 2030 fast approaching the great upheaval of the 2020's is not going to heal any time soon but globally people are coming together renouncing war and forgetting boarders perhaps the walls will comedown once again to cheering crowds. One can only hope.

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