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welcome to the home of Oronegro, a land that not so long ago was a peaceful and prosperous place but by the mid 2020's it was engulfed in a violent civil war! The whole world watched doing their bit in the conflict. the story is one of a small country stuck in superpower politics

Sunday, September 9, 2012

James.ep3 the lone warrior revealed

well this will be a story made up on the spot...
meet James.ep3 hero of the land of Oronegero

James.ep3 is a member of an international group the ep3's what it stands for nobody knows!
(my mate came up with it... he was making his rune scape account years ago and saw the star wars monopoly in my room where the computer was and tuned C3PO into ep3, the name stuck and now we both use it... Kane.ep3 and James.ep3... James is my middle name of coarse)
In Oronegro James.ep3 earned a reputation for being brave in battle, intelligent, the lone warrior and above all a terrible team member... he nearly always communicated in a way that was either commanding or not empathetic (too autobiographical) But despite this draw back he stayed on until the end of that war aiding the national forces when it seemed morally right. However during the great fight for the old district he aided local rebels in the street fighting, it became apparent that the national commander was a man who felt no shame in damaging those rustic and beautiful streets. This action did attract criticism however later when the same commander ordered artillery to shell the gallery of fine art and Oronegrean literature James.ep3's actions were justified.... the gallery was not shelled in the end as the commander of artillery did not open fire instead he called the headquarters for the area and told them about the situation.
a gas mask was worn all the time, it saved his life many times

James.ep3 was mostly seen in La Ley where the fighting was the most suitable for a lone man on a mission to fight without needing a team to back him up and warn him of enemy maneuvers. James.ep3 fought outside La Ley on a few occasions, notably for the fight for San Antonio in the great farming plains! though he lived through that war he went missing after the fighting ended, some say he left Oronegro and joined the other ep3's preparing for other conflicts where a Hero would be needed and a nation saving from itself!

below is a small pic of James.ep3 from the game Red Crucible 2 from which this figure/ character is based
as you can see I did try my best when it came to sculpting the figure by hand... stated in a post about the figure on my model blog... I hope to create numerous adventures in Oronegro for this character and perhaps soon my friend Kane can have his own little version, he too is on the online game...

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  1. That looks awesome! Pretty close to the picture, too.