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welcome to the home of Oronegro, a land that not so long ago was a peaceful and prosperous place but by the mid 2020's it was engulfed in a violent civil war! The whole world watched doing their bit in the conflict. the story is one of a small country stuck in superpower politics

Saturday, September 22, 2012

NEWS FLASH. National forces clear rebel camp ahead of campaign

 Tuesday 23rd April 2022
Jose: People here in the capital are ecstatic over recent news that the national forces under the command of Centurion Pedro Nacho Fernandez Costa! we sent Laura to interview him and find out about the battle.

Laura: so Pedro what happened back there? I have heard the fight was quite fierce.
Pedro: Yes it was I feared for my own life at one stage but we managed to recover from some very heavy casualties. The rebels put up a brave fight to be sure, I have never seen so many men lose their lives for the rebel cause. I myself have lost many good friends, I saw them die before my very eyes, war is a terrible thing, but a cruel necessity if we are to live in freedom

Laura: and the rebels? not all of them were killed according to the reports you filed.
Pedro: Yes we took some prisons, these men are brave soldiers, I am not surprised that they were able to build this camp in what is essentially behind our lines. Their commander, centurion Manuel was a brave man I remember training with him back in 2016.  It is a shame that so many good men have betrayed their own country.

Laura: Are you angry at all? surely these men are the reason so many Friends are dead?
Pedro: Can I be angry? These men may be traitors and murderers but I recognise many people from training like Manuel. How can I angry with my former friends at a time that I have lost so many of my own friends? mercy is what they deserve, they fought with all the courage that is to be expected of a soldier of Oronegro, its just sad that they found themselves on the wrong side.

Laura: I have heard that your troops were not alone? can you tell us who assisted you?
Pedro: it was that fellow from the capital, James I think it is...
Laura: ep3?
Pedro: Yes that's the one. He must have been staying in the house. We did get a chance to talk to him after the battle but he left quickly and I did not get to know him well. he only said "I have work to do, your fight is just one of many I will be in during the war".

Laura: Assuming that the campaign in the north does not end the war.
Pedro: I think that is a dream, I cannot see this war being over so soon, not now that the rebel general has returned. I think that we are in for some hard fighting in the years to come.

Laura: well let us hope not. Thanks for your time centurion
Pedro: Your welcome
Laura: this is Laura Martinez reporting for Oronegro news, back to you Jose.

Jose: Thank you Laura, in other news more fighting in Europe as the Soviet Union continues its fight against Marines on its boarders. German forces on UN missions here are going to remain as a permanent force as Germany can no longer safely bring them back...

Well there you go a news flash from Oronegro.

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