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welcome to the home of Oronegro, a land that not so long ago was a peaceful and prosperous place but by the mid 2020's it was engulfed in a violent civil war! The whole world watched doing their bit in the conflict. the story is one of a small country stuck in superpower politics

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rosa and her father Jose Castillo

Rosa daughter of Jose and Maria Castillo was born on the 5th of October 1728. The day of her birth in El Pollo where she was born would become know as la Gargantua Del Rio, the throat of the river! For on that day the river surrounding the island part of El Pollo was so high that it almost completely swallowed up the settlement and her birth was to become a story of great renown!

"the cries of a new born child were heard over the roar of the waters and the screams of the drowning! 
All those forced onto the roof tops froze in that brief moment and as if hearing the anguish the river found mercy in its destructive heart and retreated back to its channel leaving behind those it had so cruelly taken.
The cries ended and slowly life returned and the priest could be heard muttering 'an angel, an angel!'"

Her father Jose was perhaps the most amazed by the event, kept away from his family by the raging currents he could not have swam to them from the town hall. yet just before he thought we would miss the birth of his fourth child the balcony upon which he stood collapsed, the cold water dragged him along but when all seemed lost a hand from nowhere grabbed him and pulled him from deaths grip, to the shock of all as well as himself he had made it to the family home and not more than half an hour later his daughter was born.
Jose goes to ask his daughter what the matter is, she has not come down for dinner and Maria is getting into one of her grumpy moods
Rosa shows her father the cupboard in which she is certain that mice are hiding.
Perhaps then it was surprising that although many people begged that the child's name be things such as Diosa (goddess), her mother, Maria is perhaps better known as burro (donkey) because of her stubbornness and as such her decision to call her daughter Rosa stuck. It was only when at the age of 4 when she stared to go out more into town with her older brothers that she started getting called Diosa, and although officially she was not called that by anyone, it appeared that there was some sort of identical twin running around with that name... at least that's what it seemed like when Maria went out with her daughter

father and daughter pose for a portrait
unfortunately the painter has to paint them from behind for some reason?
The Castillo family are quite well off, not only because Rosa received money and gifts from nearly everyone on the town as gratitude for her miracle! they are quite a large family also, Rosa has a younger brother Giorgio who is always seen in the Shadow of his sister.Fernando is the eldest child, his long blond beard and hair make his somewhat barbaric, he is however very protective of his little sisters. Rolando is the second oldest and most respectable so far as the aristocracy sees things, most likely to follow his father in looking after the families trade business he is also a visionary planner. Alberto is the second youngest son, he is totally unlike Rolando and spends his days hunting with his friends. Sophia is the eldest girl, she is unmarried and is known throughout the great farming plains and the El Pollo region as the fairest woman with an incredible intellect. they are a moderately wealthy family but the trade business has boomed and some of the family, like Sophia are looking to marry into the rich and powerful families in Oronegro.


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