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welcome to the home of Oronegro, a land that not so long ago was a peaceful and prosperous place but by the mid 2020's it was engulfed in a violent civil war! The whole world watched doing their bit in the conflict. the story is one of a small country stuck in superpower politics

Friday, January 25, 2013

Captain and commander Alfred Hale

this post and the figure/ character featured within it are dedicated to Alfred Hale the late husband of Anne O'Leary. I quote her in saying "my departed husband who was a sailor and a deep sea welder. He was killed while working on a rig in an explosion over 25 years ago. He was a good man and I miss him still." Anne when you told me this story I knew that I must name this figure after him as you asked me. I hope that it honors the memory of your departed husband and that perhaps he wherever he is now feels that this respects his memory.

Captain and commander Alfred Hale is a man to whom all others is the symbol of bravery and honour. In Battle on land and sea he wears plate armour that both makes him a target to his foes and a striking symbol of leadership to his comrades!
born on 27th of June 1705 to a middle class family from the beginning he showed himself to be greater than most of his classmates in school. Strong and brave he soon was selected by his peers for a leading role in his school. in April 1721 he was recruited into the military after a fight in one of San Fran's many bars. Yet although he had not been trained for very long he soon showed a great knowledge for military and naval matters. in the great pirate raid of 1725 he showed perhaps the greatest courage and discipline when the commander of the company was in was slain and all the NCO's refused to lead the unit. Alfred took control of the remnants of the force which now only numbered some 13 men. It was in that moment he first wore that iconic suit of plate steel, taking it from a mannequin in the great house where they were cornered. There in that place they fought for 3 hours cut off from help facing waves of foes who surly outnumbered them 20 to 1.
Help came in the form of some marines who came up from the river, their ship had been taken now and they sought refuge in the large house where Hale was fighting for his life his force now reduced to only 6 brave men. However as soon as the marines shot, bayoneted and slashed their way through the building Hale took command of them and lead them out of the building and charged them down the streets of La Ley's old district and with the retaking of marines ship his legend was made!

For him the rewards and honours came thick and fast He was promoted to the rank of commander which meant he could lead a half century of soldiers (50 men and 10 officers) and granted the honour of also being a naval captain which was un-heard of for a man from the army. Though perhaps he was not rewarded enough for his actions there was one thing that he was given that other men could only dream of: A purpose built boat, HMS Anne!
He wrote in 1728:
"To my loving wife to whom I owe a great deal

Do you remember my dear that day 3 years ago, it seems like an age now. However after that nasty incident I had recently it came back to the forefront of my mind. Remember the carpenters at the shipwright were shocked when I asked for our dear Anne. They thought I would ask for a large frigate or something, they do not understand that I am no simple leader, I do not like others to wait in a cabin or upon a hill watching the action from afar. I am a man of action, and my dear although you probably tire greatly when you hear me say it I must say once more, I always will be there in the thick of the fray where musket balls fly and bayonets flash and the smoke and the blood is mixed into one great cloud that covers the land hiding the horrendous sight of men killing men from any onlooker. Well my dear I shall gladly be back home soon, how's the maid I heard she was up to no good? 

to my dearest and most loving wife

The incident he refers to in his letter is none other that the Battle of  Petrablanca which took place on the 30th and 31st of March 1728. The Anne and the Gato were sailing down a small river near El Pollo when they came under fire from a battery on the bank! The Gato was sunk and Anne was damaged on her starboard side. Anne's gunners fought bravely but it was clear that they needed to take her out of range or out of sight of the guns and march over land to destroy it! The next morning Hale lead his 2 infantry men and some of his sailors along the road they met up with many scared villagers who spoke of a raiding bandit party that had come from the south. Hale brought many of the villagers and local farmers to a near by supply post where they came under attack. mounting the rood of the building the morning sun reflected of his steel helmet. Lord Alfonso Caballero wrote "the man was mad, mad I say for all the bullets I heard were surly aimed at him and yet he stood firm guiding the fire from the top of the building upon the enemies best shots." Alfred has hit several times that day but many shots did not penetrate his armour saving his life for sure. The battle was won when reservists marched up from El Pollo alerted to what was going on the previous days by the survivors from the sunk el Gato. The bandits fled rather than face the century coming up from the town. The bandits were well armed for a bunch of rouges and it was discovered by Alfred Hale himself that they were from south on La Fortuna in the remnants of what was once the nation of Oroblanco.

Alfred Hale on Anne's port side as she turned to fire on the battery.

the Anne sailing through fog
the defence of the supply house the next day

Without fear Hale mounted the top of the building to direct the fire of the infantry
Alfred Hale was in 1730 Granted a knighthood by the representative of the multiple monarchs of Oronegro, for his gallantry in battle and his help in restoring order to the nation of Oronegro. he currently resides in a respectable dwelling outside of San Fran where he is head of the police force. His boat the HMS Anne is usually in port at Rio Pescado north or San Fran. However as all in Oronegro begin to realise that our nation is once more about to go through a time of war the question arises "what role will Sir Alfred Hale play in the coming conflict?" perhaps we shall know soon enough for in this year 1735 after a break down with the respectable Lord McDonald of New Dunedin and his Allies in Nouveau Paris Oronegro is once more at war with her neighbours.


  1. Obviously Alfred Hale is a national hero of the style and stamp of a certain Bernardo O'Higgins of Chile.

    1. I do hope so, I hope above all though that I do not get him killed in a game that would be a terrible thing to do... then again I guess all figures must run that risk and I guess like the real Alfred Hale he is in a very dangerous occupation in which death is by no means rare

  2. Thank you so very much Gowan. My man would have been honored by this and I am touched most deeply.

    PS the maid was up to no good as my dear husband suspected. She was caught in the stable loft with the footman. Most unseemly behavior indeed!

    1. I am very glad you enjoy the story Anne. As for the maid I hope that she does not get up to any such innappropriate behavior again.